About Us


We at TAJ Foundation ( THE AWARENESS JUNCTION) believe that the fabric of community is structured only on gathering. We strongly postulate this theory and such gathering with the others in the overall community seems to be the best way for creating an environment to learn, grow, get enthused as well as inspired. Such act undoubtedly makes people to feel connected with the other members of the community who can share their passions and needs.

As a non-profit entity we the dedicated team of Taj Foundation, strives mainly to serve the interests of the broad and under-privileged community. When we work with all our community projects mentioned by us we clearly indulge our enthusiasm, curiosity in every program we not only assist the community but also transform us and make us better in every way until we move on to other projects.

Our bondage with Government’s welfare programs helps to grow stronger by keeping our own identity within the community as well. Wherever possible we align our activities some of the world wide Non-Government Organizations in order to make our presence stronger in the needy areas. As these organizations work globally in several community projects like education, health and other humanitarian projectsy, by joining them we can easily act locally in order to serve the local community. After all the Taj Foundation is here to bring people together in order to improve the quality of life in the great planet earth.