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Activities by NGO Taj Foundation

Building Community, Productivity and Prosperity

Being a non-government organization TAJ Foundation ( THE AWARENESS JUNCTION ) is totally a service organization that focuses on several key areas which include:

Social Development: It does not happen by simply exposing people or kids in a large setting. Basically it is a learning process that needs to be nurtured at various levels. The Montessori classrooms are ideal places for the young explorers can interact with the other human world. Such a class environment offers a tiny society and all the elements to foster the social development.

Health & Hygiene: Health is always considered to be the best part of wealth. Inculcating factors like cleanliness of personal as well as the surroundings look to be the essential part of this key activity. The aspect of cleanliness is always seen as next to Godliness and any neglect on this matter will surely cause health as well as social problems which most of the communities are not aware of. Taj Foundations pitches here in order to create a general awareness to the deprived community.

Work in sync with many Government ongoing programs:  This is the important aspect of the Taj Foundations and by synchronizing with the Government programs the foundation gets a perfect identity as well as recognition from various social programs conducted by the Government in the above state lists.

Some of the other community services offered by Taj Foundation include:

Women Empowerment
Support To Poor Farmers
Legal Awareness
Gender Sanitizations
Skill Development:
Revenue Building Activities