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Old Age Healthcare

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Taj Foundation Old Age Health Care Services

Elderly Care at Home i.e. Geriatric Care is about assistance in daily living activities like bathing, toileting, feeding, walking etc. We, at Taj Foundation, act as a close companion to your loved ones and are compassionate about maintaining good hygiene, diet, and medications as guided by you or your family doctor. Home care plays an active role in promoting the mental health of your loved one through various activities such as by listening and talking to them. To provide the best care for old age person, we make emotional connections with them and infuse with a high level of patience and politeness.
Yes, it is sometimes difficult to acknowledge that your parent/loved one has reached this stage in life, but they would need continuous caretaking or long-term assistance. We understand and have developed plans for home care for the elderly that promote their independence while taking care of them in the comfort of their own homes. By evaluating your loved one's healthcare needs and work with you and your doctor, we develop a plan that is best for them, whether routinely or on a periodic visit to ensure their continued well-being.
Our goal is to lend a helping hand to those who have limited time to take care of the family's health due to their professional commitments, or because they just don't live close to their parents. With our senior citizen home care services for the elderly, we assure good care of your parents by constantly monitoring their physical condition and helping in reducing their visits to the hospital by organizing visits to your home by a Doctor or a Nurse or a Physiotherapist, etc.


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Physiotherapy Services





Taj Foundation provides certified physiotherapist in the comfort of your home. Our physiotherapists help you or your loved one heal fast and regain mobility as early as possible. They will visit your home to assess your need; suggest you the physio required and with your consent define the visit plan. Our packages have been designed keeping in mind end user affordability and degree of customization


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Nursing Care

Get yourself a dedicated team of nursing professionals, supported by doctors, to be able to avail 24 x 7 nursing care in your own homes. Our team of home care nurses will help the patient rehabilitate faster by providing all necessary medical support through various nursing procedures like tracheostomy, urinary catheterization, wound dressing, 

injections, IV infusions, vaccination, Oxygen Administration (BiPAP / CPAP / Ventilator) etc; at an affordable cost.

 Our Plan for Nursing Care includes -12 Hours Nursing Attendant (NA), 24 Hours Nursing Attendant (NA), 12 Hours Long term nurse (LTN), 24 Hours  Long Term Nurse(LTN),Short Term Nurse

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Doctor Visits

Periodic home visits by Taj Foundation doctor to check on the patient’s recovery progress. The best part about in-home doctor service is you will be treated in the comfort of your home, surrounded by your family members.Our Doctors are extremely qualified and are having a medical proficiency of more than 10 Years .

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Tele Consultation


Our Taj Foundation Tele Consaltant are available round the clock to assist you With all your concerns and queries related to your health and other queries.


They will tackle & guide you with all the requisite solution like a family member.

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Medical Attendant (Short Term & Long Term)

Medical Attendants, also known as Nursing Assistants, are ones who can provide medical assistance to patients at home. Our attendant at home is quite an affordable option and we assist our patients in their daily needs and requirement in the comfort of their own home. Our caretakers are responsible and experienced in taking care of patient's day-to-day work including the physical, mental and social activities. Whether it’s personal hygiene, mobilization, bathing, feeding or involving patient into some activities for mental care, caregivers help them with everything!

 Our Plan Of Medical Attendant include-both Short Term & Long Term. 

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Critical Care & Emergency Care Service




When a family member needs long term ICU care, a lot of doctors and hospitals advise for such care to be provided at home if possible, in case there are no active interventions to be done.The patient is happier at home and healing can happen without the threat of hospital acquired infections. This is financially easier for the family as well considering such care at home comes at least 30% cheaper than in a hospital.

We have provided this service to a lot of patients with respiratory or neurological disease who take a long time to recover and need adequate device support and specialized care through trained nurses.



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Lab Test & Diagonistic

Taj Foundation is partnered with the top NABL certified labs in the country. We also have a team of experienced phlebotomists, who collect samples from patients’ home. Booking a lab test is quick and easy. Once a patient books a test, the phlebotomist goes as per agreed time slot and collects the blood/urine sample.These are sent to our NABL certified lab partners. Within 24-48 hours, of collecting the sample, we send out accurate reports to patients via email.

We provide complete health check-up packages and individual lab tests for you and your family. Our wide range of lab tests includes Complete Blood Count, Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS), Postprandial Blood Sugar (PPBS), HBA1C, Thyroid Profile (T3,T4 and TSH), Lipid Profile, Urine Test, CRP Blood Test, Cholesterol Test, Dengue Blood Test, Vitamin Test, Kidney Profile and other test at your convenience. 

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Medical Equipment’s on Rent

We at Taj foundation provide medical equipment’s on rent, to assist the patient at the comfort of his home .

Our Rental Plans are affordable and are easily accessible. Booking Can be done online or over a call .

Our Equipments includes –Wheel chair, Oxygen cylinder, Bipap Machine,Cpap Machine,Icu Monitor,Beds and many others.

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