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Team at TAJ Foundation

T.E.A.M Work Works

Team, Team and Team. Team work alone works in great organization. TAJ Foundation ( THE AWARENESS JUNCTION ) is no exception to this statement in any way. We the entire team members of Taj Foundations believe in the term and acronym TEAM which indicates “Together Everyone Achieves More”. Our team at Taj Foundation always contributes more than a collection of individual experts in every field than the sum of every individual member.

Synergy At Work

We create such a synergy where 1+ 1 is always more than two. Our strong commitments create a perfect synergy that always generated higher performance greater than the sum total of every individual performer

TAJ Foundation ( THE AWARENESS JUNCTION )- An Innovative, Disciplined Organization

It is people who make and steer organizations. Our dedicated team at Taj Foundations are innovative, disciplines and show professionalism in every act we do in serving the community at large. Perhaps such acts of every members of out team make the Taj Foundations an innovative and disciplined organization in the eyes of community to whom we serve every day.

Doing small things greatly is the height of perfect professionalism. All are treated with equal importance without any segregation or consolidation of power and money. At Taj Foundations the person who changes the life of the other individual is the CEO for that moment and our hierarchy goes with this unique way. An Innovative, Disciplined Organization

  • Shiv Shankar                      Founder
  • Akash Verma                      District Coordinator
  • M. L Verma                         Volunteer
  • Ashok Srivastava             Volunteer
  • Dinesh Mishra                  Volunteer
  • Mahesh Mishra                 Volunteer
  • Dr. Chhote Lal Verma       Volunteer
  • Mahesh Chandra              Volunteer
  • Autar Singh Gurjar            Volunteer
  • Manoj Kumar Gurjar         Volunteer
  • Hari Mohan Rajput            Volunteer
  • Rajkumar Verma               Volunteer
  • Hariom Gautam                Volunteer
  • Mukesh Verma                  Volunteer
  • Akhil Wahal                       Volunteer